Why We Recommend Accounting Software


While it can be hard to alter the way you do business and embrace change, the potential rewards are huge. Small businesses often start out using Excel – but soon realise that’s only feasible up until a point. Your business needs to evolve and grow.

Accounting software can help you streamline your business and increase your bottom line. It helps ease the burden of financial administration, allowing you to focus on your business passion instead!

Using accounting software enables you to process accounts with greater speed than manual processing and increase the accuracy of your records. Many accounting software programs allow you to complete your bookkeeping in a few easy steps – simply enter your business’s transactions and the software computes totals.

Your information will all be in one place, making it simple to reference past transactions. You won’t waste time digging through paperwork or spreadsheets. Disorganized records can cost you when you file taxes. If you hand a box of receipts over to your accountant, it might be time to buy some basic accounting software.

You can use your financial history to track progress and plan ahead. With a clear picture of your past income and expense patterns, you can set business milestones. By comparing your business’s income and expenses from one year or month to the next, you can project cash flow. Use your projections to create a business budget and make smart purchasing decisions.

You can use cloud-based software, such as Xero, from any device with an internet connection. Online accounting means small business owners stay connected to their data and their accountants. Cloud-based software is designed to be scalable, cost-effective and tailored to your small business needs.

While there is no rule saying you have to use accounting software, once you make the change you may look back and wonder what took you so long.

As a Xero Certified Adviser we can provide you with special discounts and access to lower cost versions that are not available if you purchase Xero directly yourself.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with us to arrange a free consultation, and we’ll provide you with a demonstration of Xero and what it has to offer.